During the summer, the focus is usually on the long, lazy (supposedly!) days. But what about the nights? Are there any fans out there of summer’s short starry nights? Here at Natural Sleep, Atlanta’s luxury mattress store, we are definitely night owls. Let us help you develop an appreciation for the short nights that snuggle in between all those long lazy days. 

First of all, to make the most of the limited number of hours of nighttime, you’ll want to make sure you’re sleeping on a great mattress. shorter nights of summer, sleep on one of the best mattresses in Atlanta.  We recommend natural and organic mattresses, like those from Pure Talalay Bliss, Hastens or Posh + Lavish. 

Here are some other suggestions to while away a summer night:

  • Have a picnic after the sun goes down and feast on watermelon, peaches and other summer fruits. 
  • Stretch out on a lounge chair and gaze at the stars. No sunscreen needed!
  • Go outside and play! 
  • Enjoy a swim (if you’re daring, make the swimsuits optional!)
  • Fill your house with the flowers you picked (or picked up) during the day.
  • Set up a lemonade stand! (People get thirsty at night, too. And the novelty is sure to garner attention.)


The summer solstice was last month – on Friday, June 21, to be exact. That’s the longest day of the year, and subsequently the shortest night of the year. Exactly how long the day is dependent on where you live. The farther north you are, the longer the day. And when you get as far north as you can go, up past the Arctic Circle, the sun won’t even bother to set.

From now until we reach the winter solstice on Saturday, December 19, the days will be getting a little bit shorter every day. And you’ll have a little more time every night to enjoy your luxurious natural or organic mattress from Natural Sleep Mattress of Atlanta!

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