Hästens Proferia Display on Sale

Proferia means “waking up” in Afrikaans. The name is no coincidence. With three interacting spring systems plus 35 hand-created layers of our finest natural materials, we want to take you to a new level of both sleep and wakefulness.

Hästens Herlewing Proferia is based on the same advanced spring system developed for Hästens 2000T. The springs in the middle mattress are affixed one by one and react individually to pressure. The effect is outstanding: Two people together in the same bed lie in their own sphere, without the movements of one disturbing the other.

And there’s more.

In the base of the bed are two further spring systems. Carefully adapted to each other, they provide every part of your body with the support it needs.

Wondering how it feels to sink in to this extraordinary blend of softness and support? Try it yourself in one of our showrooms.

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