Over the summer, the sun stays up later – and often so do our children. Bedtimes often become more relaxed when there is no need to get up early to make it to class on time.  But, whether your children will be heading off to elementary school or starting high school this fall, it’s important to be sure they are getting all the sleep they will need to succeed.  Sleeping on the right mattress can make a big difference in the quality of the sleep they are getting. And, if you want to give your little scholars the best shot at success, you’ll want to be sure they are sleeping on the very best mattress in Atlanta for their unique needs.

If you’ve had to drag yourself through the day after tossing and turning all night, you already know that it’s not just the number of hours you spend in bed that matters. It’s also important to make sure that the hours they are spending tucked up in bed are providing deep, healthy sleep – the kind of sleep they’ll get on a bed from Natural Sleep Mattress of Atlanta.

We carry a wide range of natural organic mattresses in a range of price points, sizes and styles and our sleep experts can advise you on which mattresses are best for children or teens.  To wake up rested and ready for the school day, it’s also important that they aren’t tossing and turning all night.

If you have already invested in a quality mattress – like Pure Talalay Bliss, OrganicPedic or Hastens mattress – there are still a number of things you can do to help your child start the upcoming school year well rested and ready to go.

The following tips from the National Sleep Foundation are designed to not only help your child develop a healthy sleep schedule as the first day of classes approaches but to also help maintain healthy sleep habits throughout the year.

  • Both you and your children should turn off your screens an hour before bed. It’s important, the sleep experts at the NSF say, to “Limit television, video games, and other electronic distractions before bedtime.”
  • Avoiding big meals close to bedtime is also a good idea for everyone in the family. “A heavy meal may prevent your child from falling asleep.”
  • Caffeine in sodas and energy drinks can also cause problems at bedtime. “A good rule of thumb is to avoid any caffeine six hours before bedtime, as the caffeine can interrupt your child’s natural sleep patterns, making it difficult to fall asleep,” the NSF says.
  • A couple of weeks before the start of school, start moving toward an appropriate bedtime for the school year.  “Every night, set an incrementally earlier bedtime, and every morning, an incrementally earlier wake-up time,” the NSF says. “Make sure that when school starts, they’ll wake up with the amount of sleep they need for their age-group.”
  • It’s not just what time you turn out the lights, it’s what your child is doing as the time for lights-out approaches. The NSF recommends that you, “Establish a relaxing bedtime routine. Before bedtime, start a ‘quiet time’ to allow your child to unwind. The routine should include relaxing activities, such as a bath and a bed-time story (for young children) or a reading time (for older children).”
  • Once you’ve gotten on a healthy sleep schedule, stick to it!  According to the NSF, you don’t want to use the weekend to “catch up on sleep.”

As with anything, setting a good example for your kids can make all the difference. So while you’re in Natural Sleep Mattress shopping for a new mattress that will enable your child to do his or her best as the school year gears up, don’t be surprised if you find the best mattress in Atlanta for yourself!

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