If you want to continue to experience pure latex bliss, the makers of the Pure Talalay Bliss latex mattress offer some guidelines to help you maintain your latex mattress. Among their recommendations:

  • Keep your mattress flat, don’t roll it up or compress it for storage or shipping purposes.
  • Latex mattresses have a long life, so you’ll also want to keep yours clean. Talalay suggests using a mattress pad or mattress protector, especially if you have kids. (And if you have kids, no explanation is needed as to why, right?) “The top cover panels on Pure Talalay Bliss mattresses and toppers are removable for washing if it’s absolutely necessary,” the company says. If you are going to wash yours, wash in cold water and let it air dry. It’s fine to spot clean is as needed, too.  Don’t think dry cleaning could be an option. The chemicals used in dry cleaning will do damage and, at least in the case of the pure latex bliss you get from Talalay, void the Limited Warranty.
  • Make sure to put your latex mattress – which many consider to be the best mattress in Atlanta – on a good foundation. Latex mattresses are heavy and needs good support. If you have either a king or a queen size Pure Talalay Bliss mattress, the company also says you’ll need the right frame and a center support. “Using the right support frame will ensure that your warranty remains in effect,” they say.

For more information on the care and maintenance of latex mattresses, check with the experts at Natural Sleep Mattress & Organic Bedding!

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