A growing number of people are concerned about our environment. They are aware of the negative health effects of dirty air, dirty water and compromised soil. Thus, more people are demanding food grown without pesticides or antibiotics, house paint containing the least amount of toxins, toys that are free of lead paint, clothes made from natural and organic materials and more. When considering the mattress you sleep on, the place on which you spend one third of your life, shouldn’t you include consideration of the materials that it contains, also?

When considering purchasing a new mattress, it is important to do your research.

There are many types of mattresses. Some types are: latex, wool, cotton, innerspring, memory foam, blended foam, gel infused foam and air mattresses. Each is manufactured with different materials.

Latex, wool and cotton are the three main types of organic mattresses.

Latex mattresses are made from the sap of the rubber tree but vary in terms of purity and price. Some latex is mixed with toxic chemical additives. True natural latex contains 95-100% natural rubber Sap.

Wool mattresses are good for folks who tend to get hot when sleeping. Microscopic air pockets throughout wool batting create natural insulation that increases air circulation and moisture evaporation.

Cotton is another natural mattress component. Cotton fiber does not contour or conform to the body’s shape, and typically results in a Medium-Firm to Firm mattress feel. It is important to know if the cotton mattress you are considering is made from organic cotton. Regular cotton is grown with pesticides whose residue may carry into the products manufactured from it.

There are even organic mattresses made from horsehair, cashmere and mohair. Mattresses including these fibers can be more expensive.

As for conventional bedding, most innerspring mattresses contain toxic chemicals, but increasingly, the consumer can locate innerspring mattresses that use such materials as latex, wool and coconut fiber.

Another option in a ‘conventional’ mattress is blended foam which combines memory foam with plant based materials. But, there are health concerns associated with memory foam, primarily due to the isocyanate chemicals in polyurethane.

So, when looking for a new mattress, sample, sample, sample at showrooms to find the one that you feel the best about.

The sheets and pillows you put on your new mattress can also be made from either natural and organic materials or not. Consider certified organic sheets from India, Egypt or the U.S. when shopping.  Consider pillows made from natural and organic wool, latex or cotton.

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a new mattress and bedding accessories including price, comfort and composition. Of course affordability is a major factor for most of us. Looking for the healthiest and most comfortable options at the best price may require some time and effort. But aren’t you, your family and your health worth it?

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