At Natural Sleep Mattress of Atlanta, we are extremely proud to offer our clientele a selection of Hästens mattresses, including the Hästens Vividus, Hästens Luxuria, Hastens Proferia and, the flagship Hästens 2000T.

If you ask anyone who has invested in a Hästens mattress, what sleeping on it is like, it is quite likely that you will be treated to an avalanche of superlative adjectives. Unbelievable. Incredible. Amazing. Exceptional. Beautiful. Unparalleled. The list goes on and on.

Needless to say, a Hastens mattress is not your ordinary mattress. The company has solid grounds to back up its claim that it makes “the world’s finest handmade bed, built with the ultimate combination of nature’s materials – together with tireless craftsmanship.”

It takes time to develop that level of expertise. At Hästens, they’ve had six generations of bed-makers working to handcraft exceptional mattresses made from ethically-sourced, natural materials.

Every single handcrafted Hästens mattress is a masterpiece, but when the company introduced the groundbreaking Hästens 2000T, they really outdid themselves. Setting a new standard for innovation, quality and sleep experience.

Soft and pliable, the Hästens 2000T offers responsive support. In other words, when you move – even just a little bit – the bed adjusts itself effortlessly, providing continuous, uncompromised support, no matter how much you toss and turn as you sleep.

The Hästens 2000T Series also represents a breakthrough in the construction of the mattress. Outdoing even the Hästens Vividus, it is the first three-part bed that Hästens has ever made. The bottom section is springy. On top of that is a thick spring mattress. And on top of that yet another mattress for even more softness. The effect, Hästens says, is revolutionary: “However how you turn in the bed, you always feel like you are resting on a cushion of air.” Not surprisingly, the Hästens 2000T has set a new worldwide standard.

Those who are familiar with Hästens mattresses and their long legacy may notice something else revolutionary about the Hästens 2000T.  The company collaborated with the renowned Swedish design duo Bernadotte & Kylberg to change the way the mattresses look.

Hästens mattresses have always been recognizable due to their signature blue-and-white check coverings. Inspired by that iconic pattern, Bernadotte & Kylberg developed two new prints – Marwari and Appaloosa – to make the Hästens 2000T even more of a groundbreaking statement in sleep comfort.

In addition to the Hästens 2000T, you can experience the following exceptional Hästens mattresses at Natural Sleep Mattress of Atlanta:

  • The Hästens Proferia is one of the most comfortable beds in the world. You will awake revitalized every day, when you sleep on this Hästens mattress. Proferia is sublime on all levels, boasting some of Hästens’ most pioneering sleep innovations.
  • The Hästens Auroria is a continental bed with a softer personality. A pliable combination of spring systems is balanced with softness to define a new sleep experience. The softness is structured with side stitching in double rows in a unique pattern developed specifically for this bed. Some of those who have fallen in love with this particular Hästens mattress say that it has a special movement. You can find out for yourself when you visit Natural Sleep Mattress of Atlanta in our convenient Buckhead location.
  • The Hästens Luxuria is a stylish low-profile mattress that has been described as “an unashamedly beautiful bed.”  You may be surprised to learn that this Hästens mattress is handcrafted with durable horsehair and carefully sourced natural
materials. This model from Hästens provides firmer, more linear support characteristics.
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