Health Benefits of Natural Latex Mattresses

More and more consumers are transferring to a Natural Latex Mattress and are moving away from traditional memory foam mattresses. There must be a good reason why the change is happening. Here are some of the benefits of using a natural latex mattress:

  • Greener option – Some people are interested in choosing the “green” option in their mattresses. There is a growing notion that consumers are looking for mattresses that are made from all natural ingredients and a natural latex mattress fits the requirement. Natural Latex mattresses are free of chemical flame retardants and other harmful chemicals.  Memory foam is constructed out of polyurethane foam which is filled with chemicals.

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  • Healthier option – Natural Latex Mattresses are also hypo allergenic, dust mite and mold resistant. These qualities have been attractive for consumers especially for consumers with children.
  • Increased sleeping comfort – Natural Latex Mattresses have a uniquely comfortable sleeping surface. It has a contouring capability that adjusts in accordance to the consumer’s body shape. This creates a more comfortable feel when compared to the traditional memory foam option. Memory foam conforms to the body as body heat is transferred into the foam.  This impression creates a hotter sleeping environment and does not provide substantial back support.
  • Better Longevity – Natural Latex Mattresses tends to retain its original shape longer than the traditional memory foam mattresses. Sagging is something that does not typically happen over the life of a natural latex mattress.    Natural Latex mattresses have a longer life.  Most companies offer 20 year warranties, as opposed to traditional 5 or 10 year warranties for memory foam mattresses.
  • It is even better than the memory foam – though it has striking similarities against the memory foam, a natural latex mattress has more responsive property making it easier for changing positions and getting off the bed. This is perfect for people who sleep in multiple positions.
  • Varying firmness and more options of firmness – Natural latex has more varying options for firmness that ranges from soft, medium and firm. Some natural latex mattresses are customizable by size, providing a completely customized sleep experience for the consumer.
  • Better odor – Natural latex mattresses have better odor management than other mattress types. Latex mattresses do not emit an odor, as there are no chemicals off gassing. This is much better than emitting a consistent chemical like odor from other types of mattresses.

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  • Certified – Natural Latex Mattresses may have purity certifications ensuring the source and treatment of the materials used to make the bed.  Certified Organic Cotton, Wool, Latex are all components of a bed that are able to be certified organic.
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