Investing in a luxury mattress is investing in your health. Most individuals spend a vast majority of their life in their beds, so it only makes sense to invest in a luxury mattress that will help you get the most out of your life and feel your best. At our Atlanta mattress store, Natural Sleep Mattress carries a wide variety or organic mattress brands perfect for you. Here is a little about some of our most popular organic mattress brands, OrganicPedic mattress, Natura Organics mattress, and Naturepedic mattress:

OrganicPedic Mattress

This organic mattress brand is produced in one of the nation’s largest 100% organic factories. They maintain a smoke-free, cruelty-free, and fragrance-free environment. Their handmade organic fabrics are manufactured in Northern California where they employee expert artisans to craft. Their organic mattresses are so high-quality that they guarantee the purity during purchase. OrganicPedic Mattress is an excellent luxury mattress that is entirely organic and perfect for those who want a healthy, restful night’s sleep.

Naturepedic Mattress

The Naturepedic mattress offers a luxury mattress with a practical design for those who want to get the most out of their organic mattress. It features a multi-layered zippered construction that enables you to fully customize your mattress to fit your preferences. This organic mattress comes in a wide range of materials and firmness levels. It also features the option for flexibility because your needs may change over the years.

Natura Organics Mattress

An organic mattress that was initially created by individuals who were primarily interested in having a healthier lifestyle. Natura Organics mattress is designed to optimize your health and happiness. They have done a lot of research that led to the discovery that most traditional mattress brands could not measure up after years of prolonged use. This prompted Natura Organics mattress to create a luxury mattress that would be unlike any of the traditional brands, an organic mattress that would last for years and never depreciate. They use only the finest organic materials such as organic wool from New Zealand, natural fibers, premium latex, and every material is sustainable and renewable.

These are just a few of our organic mattress brands we carry at our Atlanta mattress store, Natural Sleep Mattress. We pride ourselves on offering our clients the best in luxury mattress brands. That’s why we always carry OrganicPedic mattress, Natura Organics mattress, and Naturepedic mattress brands. To learn more about these brands, visit our website at or come by our store in Atlanta, GA to see what we have in stock.

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