Organic Naturepedic Mattress

Organic Mattress

Many of us take steps to be healthy by eating the right foods, exercising daily, and of course by getting enough sleep. But is your bed and mattress truly supporting your goal of optimum health? Can you fight off the aging process and improve your health just by sleeping?

Find out if your bed is helping or hurting your health by reading on.

Anatomical sketch showing too soft, too firm, and just right support (Royal-Pedic's 7-Zone latex core) Royal-Pedic's 7-Zone All Natural Latex Core shown with model - side shot

Fight Off Aging with the Right Bed

We’ve all heard the cliché “get your beauty rest,” but how many of us feel like our sleeping pattern is keeping us looking and feeling young?

As it turns out, most beds are full of toxins and chemicals that have the reverse effect on our skin—and in turn jumpstart the aging process.

An organic mattress, on the other hand, has the opposite effect.

Choose a Natural Mattress

Typically made from wool or other breathable fabrics and fibers, organic mattresses allow the skin to breathe and regenerate more easily. Our pores are their most active while we sleep, and our skin produces more collagen as we rest. Your bed should support that process, and an organic or natural one will.

Improve Your Health

In addition to aiding the aging process, a natural or even latex mattress can play a dramatic role in improving your health.

By law, mattresses are required to be flame retardant for safety. Unfortunately, this causes mattress manufacturers to inject toxic chemicals into their products to meet the accepted standard.

For organic mattresses, wool is often used as it is naturally flame retardant and mold resistant. This cuts out those toxic chemicals which are linked to cancer and other deadly diseases.


For a better night’s rest on chemical free bedding, consider an organic mattress. Not only are they good for your health, if you find the right one, they are comfortable and last for years.

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