Hastens Vividus mattress represents unparalleled quality and unbelievable comfort.  Hastens says it’s the best bed they’ve ever made – and that’s saying a lot! The company has been making exceptional mattresses for centuries and, when it comes to how their mattresses are made and what goes into them, Hastens has never compromised on its very high standards for craftsmanship and materials.

The Vividus, which is available through your headquarters for Hastens mattresses in Atlanta, is made by a team of the company’s most experienced craftsmen. Each one of whom specializes in one single task in the Vividus atelier. Each mattress is made to order, incorporating a variety of personalized options.

In total, it requires approximately 320 man-hours to create each unique Vividus mattress.

To give you an idea of just how long that is, we thought we’d see how long it takes to do some other things…

  • According to the Department of Global Studies & Geography at Hofstra University, “By the early 20th century (1907), the liner Mauretania with a capacity of 2,300 passengers was able to cross the Atlantic in 4.5 days, a record which was held for 30 yearswhen the liner Queen Mary reduced the crossing time by half a day (4 days).”  So, in the time it takes to make a single Hastens Vividus mattress, you could cross the Atlantic Ocean three times and still have more than a full day for sightseeing at one end or the other.
  • From beginning to end, it takes about three weeks to build a Ferrari California, the closest thing to what could be called a mass-market Ferrari (about 2,500 are produced annually),” Akweli Parker reported on a very trying assignment for HowStuffWorks.com, during which he had to make the arduous journey to the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Italy. Three weeks of 8-hour shifts adds up to 120 hours. That means you could build a couple of Ferraris and even take one of them on an extravagant road trip across Europe in the time it takes to fashion one personalized Hastens Vividus mattress.
  • When asked how long it took Vincent Van Gogh to complete a painting, the Van Gogh Musuem replied, “That varied quite a bit. Vincent was always a relatively quick painter, but he did need more time to complete a painting in his early years as an artist in the Netherlands (1880-1885) than later in his career. Back then, he was getting to grips with colour theories, perspective and the entire range of artistic principles.”For example, the museum tells us, “He put a great deal of preparation into The Potato Eaters, his first large figure study, working on dozens of preparatory studies. The final painting took ‘many days’ to complete, spread over a longer period of time. However, during the last two months of his life in Auvers-sur-Oise, Vincent completed a painting every day.” It’s not hard to do the math. Even if you want to assume that Vincent put in long, 10-hour days, the gifted artist could have filled a gallery with more than 30 Impressionist masterpieces in the time it takes to create a single Vividus mattress.

Natural Sleep Mattress, the destination for Hastens in Georgia, can guide you through the VIP process involved in custom crafting your Hastens Vividus mattress. You’ll find the best mattresses in Atlanta at our two convenient locations.

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