We are grateful to all the lovely people who took the time to give us a five-star rating on Yelp! We are very proud to sell what we sincerely believe are the best mattresses in Atlanta, but we are even happier when we help you find that special mattress that is the best mattress in Atlanta FOR YOU.

At Natural Sleep Mattress of Atlanta, we believe that shopping for a mattress should be an enjoyable and relaxing experience – whether you are looking for Pure Talalay Bliss a Hastens 2000T or OMI OrganicPedic mattress or for accessories and natural organic bedding.

When you visit our showroom in Buckhead, you’ll find soft music, comfortable lighting and the privacy we think you need when selecting something as important as a mattress. Do you have questions? Just ask. We are here to help you find your perfect fit.

Knowing that our customers appreciate the efforts we are making to ensure they really do get the best sleep possible is incredibly rewarding.

  • On 5/3/2018, Bruce N. of Alpharetta, GA, posted this five-star review on Yelp: 
We were very impressed by the care, concern and attention to detail by their staff. They were beyond helpful and were willing to arrange everything, so we could get into the best mattress for our needs. We would recommend this store, with their showroom, products and location to everyone in the market for high quality mattresses.


Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with others, Bruce. We appreciate your trust in us 


  • Thank you Anthony M. of Atlanta, GA, for this wonderful five-star review on Yelp, which was posted in April 2018!

My wife and I, trying to save money, originally bought a less expensive latex mattress from an online website that was also an organic bedding company and, to us, seemed to be fairly similar to those we were also looking at in the stores.  How wrong we were!! The quality of the latex (not all latex is created equal!), comfort, and craftsmanship was evident the first week we slept on our online bed purchase. The bed was way off from what we were expecting it to be (problems you run into with not trying it out beforehand). With an EXTREME hassle (I was almost at the point of just burning the bed), we were finally able to return our online bed purchase and were immediately in contact with Natural Sleep Mattress to assist us with finding the right bed.

We loved how non-pressuring Vincent and Ilana were.  They are extremely knowledgeable and genuinely caring people (you will know what I mean once you meet them).  You can tell that they are passionate about their products as well as assisting their customers to get the best bed for them. 

The environment of their store is calm and inviting. After multiple trips and testing multiple beds and products, we finally settled on our bed! We picked the Organicpedic Pinnacle mattress.  We also added the 3′ wool topper (since my wife is pregnant, this helps with the comfort in the later months!) and two Organicpedic molded latex pillows. We also got an Organicpedic baby crib mattress for our baby. The shipping and delivery was faster than expected so we were excited about that.   

We have been sleeping on our mattress for about 3 months now… and LOVE it!!! When we travel, we actually look forward to getting back home to our bed! Finally, the search is over! 

I cannot express how grateful we are to have found a mattress that we look forward to sleeping in every night and wake up restful … and … without pain!  There is also a peace in knowing that the bed that we are sleeping on, as well as the mattress our baby will be sleeping on, is organic and free from harmful chemicals typically used in many mattresses.  Thank you Natural Sleep for all your help!


And we can’t express how grateful we are to you for taking the time to share your story on Yelp, Anthony! We are so very happy that you are enjoying your new mattresses.


  • Diane M. also gave us five-stars on Yelp. Her review was posted in March of this year:

We recently bought a bed made with natural materials from Natural Sleep Mattress and Organic bedding. It was an amazing king sized Organicpedic brand bed. The purchase was facilitated by a sales person who patiently went through each of the brands of bed in the showroom and helped us to make the best choice for our needs.

My husband found the new bed to be perfect for him. I found some comfort issues, not surprising with my arthritic problems. How many bed companies respond to your complaints about comfort? Natural Sleep Mattress was quick to respond to my complaints and swapped one of the layers in the bed and reorganized the layers to create a perfect bed for both my husband and I. An A+ for excellent customer service.

Sleeping on a bed made with natural materials, rather than one radiating chemicals is a wise choice. Dealing with a company that makes sure your choice lives up to expectations is a good reason to choose this company.


If you are looking at mattresses in Atlanta, we hope you will include Natural Sleep Mattress on your list of stores to visit.

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