Organic, what used to be an avoided term, has turned into something most individuals don’t mind spending extra money to acquire. Luxury, organic mattress brands like Naturepedic mattress, Organicpedic mattress, or Natura Organics mattress are among the most popular at our Atlanta mattress store. There are several reasons why you should invest in an organic mattress or bedding, here are just a few of those reasons:


Organic mattress and bedding have organic fibers and organic fabrics that are incredibly hypoallergic as opposed to a traditional mattress that has been chemically treated and contains some toxic pesticides within the fabrics and fibers. This is typically great for anyone who suffers from severe allergies. Organic cotton is one of the most hypoallergic materials available. Luxury brands like Naturepedic mattress, Organicpedic mattress, or Natura Organics mattress are perfect examples.

Pesticide Free

As mentioned previously, an organic mattress does not contain any toxic pesticides that some traditional mattresses carry. This is because an organic mattress is made with all organic materials that have been harvested naturally as opposed to the use of materials that have been chemically treated. This is great for anyone who wishes to avoid any toxins or pesticides. These are generally always avoided by most individuals, so avoiding them in your bedding is of high importance.

Better Temperature Regulation

Traditional mattresses aren’t equipped with any temperature regulation. What do we mean when we say temperature regulation? Temperature regulation is the material’s ability to wick away any moisture and provide an airy, fresh feeling. Most traditional mattresses aren’t equipped with technology, so they can leave an individual to get very hot during a night’s sleep. An organic mattress can regulate the temperature, so you always remain calm and comfortable. This is perfect for anyone who struggles with night sweats or typically gets hot during the night when they are trying to sleep.

These are just a few of the most common reasons why an organic mattress and organic bedding are preferred to over the traditional. See what kind of organic, luxury mattress brands we have in store for you. We have a Naturepedic mattress, an Organicpedic mattress, a Natura Organics mattress, and other organic mattress brands and organic bedding. Visit us online at or come by our store located in Atlanta, GA.

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