Your mattress is an investment. Not only is it a monetary investment, it is an investment in your health as it is supports the sleep necessary for optimum functioning in your daily life.

The best way to protect your mattress and keep it in ‘like new’ condition is to get the best mattress cover you can find and afford. Mattress covers help protect against moisture, mildew, sweat, accidental bed wetting, food spills and more. If the mattress cover is hypoallergenic, it can also help reduce symptoms of eczema, asthma and allergies, improving the quality of sleep of the allergy sufferer by reducing or eliminating runny noses or watery, itchy eyes. The protection a good mattress cover provides can also ensure that any warranty you may have on your mattress purchase will be honored.

Look for a mattress cover that has a good overall rating. The hyperlink in the previous sentence will connect you to a site which contains very useful information about mattress covers in general and detailed descriptions of a number of top brands of mattress covers.

There are a number of other things to consider doing to protect your mattress including rotating your mattress on a regular basis, vacuuming the mattress occasionally, keeping pets off of the bed and changing the linens regularly.

Most of us enjoy an occasional cup of coffee in bed in the morning or even breakfast in bed, but be mindful to avoid spills.

A well maintained mattress is essential to your rest and your rest is essential to your health.

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