Nike has its swoosh, NBC has its peacock and for generations, Hästens mattresses have been easily recognizable for their iconic blue check patterned fabric covering. Natural Sleep Mattress of Atlanta is an official carrier of the Swedish company’s exceptional, handmade mattresses. It doesn’t matter if you are looking at the Hästens Herlewing, Hästens Eala, or the Hästens Maranga, all Hästens mattresses have been swathed in classic blue checks.  Until now!

Hästens has a rich history running back through six generations—from their roots as master saddlers to the family’s appointment as Royal Purveyors. Since 1852, they have combined passion and skill in the pursuit of making the finest handcrafted beds.

Natural Sleep Mattress of Atlanta is also a family business shaped by passion and a commitment to excellence.  Our mission is to help people sleep better, longer, deeper.

For its groundbreaking Hästens 2000T Series, Hastens tapped the visionary energy of the Swedish creative design duo of Bernadotte & Kylberg to reimagine the blue checkered look of their unrivaled mattresses. 

“There are very few brands in the world that have the same long recognition with one pattern as Hästens with the iconic blue check,” Oscar Kylberg, co-founder and designer of Bernadotte & Kylberg. “Working with Hästens, that has such a long legacy, we really wanted to do something that stands out. With the Appaloosa, we really wanted to do a new interpretation of the blue iconic check. When we looked at the check, we saw cubes. We saw far, near. We saw space, we saw room.

“So we wanted to do a graphic application based on cubism. Our goal was to when people see that the bed when they see it, they should immediately recognize this is a Hastens bed but something has happened. Something is different,” he said.

The passionate work of six generations of master craftsmen have made Hästens what it is today—a family company still driven by the virtues of sleep and humble pride over its craft. Each generation has played its part in shaping Hästens, overcoming challenges on the way.

“Mawari is a tribute to the origin of Hastens as master saddle makers. The new textile for Mawari was extremely complicated. We looked at the materials that you use for saddle making – saddle girth, leather and such. So basically, we created saddle girth and we looked at it but saddle girth is very coarse and very rigid. So, how do you make that premium? Basically we took the impressions, the dimensional impressions of the saddle girth, and made a new textile out of that.

“Working with such a premium, world-class brand as Hastens, there’s absolutely no compromising. When working with the materials, we really have to deliver something that answers to the supreme craftsmanship of the bed so there was no room for compromise. There was a lot of things that we learned in the process that were really interesting. It was very different to our preconceptions. So, making our design ideas work with Hastens knowledge and history, it was absolutely amazing. I think the collaboration couldn’t have went better. We’re extremely proud of the result.”

If you are looking for the best mattress in Atlanta, let us introduce you to a Hastens mattress. We are also proud to include Pure Talalay Bliss and OrganicPedic in our selection of natural and organic mattresses.

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