Did you get one of those fitness watches as a gift during the holidays? If you did, you’re not alone! Here at Natural Sleep Mattress, Atlanta’s luxury mattress store, we’ve been seeing a definite uptick in the number of people who come into the store with the devices strapped to their wrists. We’re always on the lookout for anything that can enhance the sleep experience – from sleeping on a luxury mattress to using natural organic bedding – so we wanted to know more about them.  

Fitness Watch Features

You don’t need us to tell you that these watches are pretty impressive. (We hope you sincerely thanked the thoughtful person who gifted you with one – especially if it was you!) They not only tell time but can also keep track of how many steps you’re taking every day, remind you when it’s time to get up and stretch, and, on the off chance that you’re not glued to your cellphone, let you know when you have an incoming text or email.

In addition to activity trackers, most of these watches also feature a function we refer to as a sleep tracker that is designed to provide insights into not only how much sleep you’re getting but the quality of the sleep you’re enjoying. More sophisticated models might keep track of the amount of light in your bedroom or the temperature, as well as lifestyle factors – like how much caffeine you’ve consumer. 

There are two key functions of a sleep tracker, though. They can help you learn:

  • How long you’re sleeping
  • The quality of your sleep (are you waking up during the night, tossing and turning?)


Our research is, of course, merely anecdotal, but we think that the increase in the number of people we’ve seen coming into the store wearing a fitness watch is based not only on the fact that so many of you received a new one as a gift during the holiday season, but also to the fact that the built-in sleep tracker is showing people that they’re not sleeping as well as they thought they were!

Is your new fitness watch trying to tell you something? If you would like to enhance the quality of the sleep you enjoy every night, we hope you’ll visit us at Natural Sleep Mattress of Atlanta, where you’ll find an extensive selection of natural and organic mattresses from exceptional names like Hastens, Talalay Latex Bliss, NaturPedic, Hypnos, Posh + Lavish and more!

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