Hästens has a rich history running back through six generations. Originally, they were master saddlers. Today, they continue to be driven by the same spirit of excellence that earned them an appointment as Royal Purveyors decades ago.

It was in 1952 – 100 years after the founding of the company – Hästens was appointed Purveyor to H.M. the King of Sweden. King Gustav VI Adolf was on the throne at the time. Hastens has been delivering products to the Royal Court ever since then.

The requirements for being appointed as a Royal Purveyor are, as you can imagine, rigid and the warrant must be renewed if there is a new king. The title Royal Purveyor stands as a hallmark of Swedish quality and top-class Scandinavian design, a badge we are proud and honored to wear.

Hästens has had upheld those high standards and has had the honor and privilege of serving as an official supplier to the Swedish Royal Court for three generations.

At Natural Sleep Mattress & Organic Bedding, we would be proud to introduce you to a Hastens mattress. If you’re looking for the best mattress Atlanta has to offer but won’t settle for anything other than a natural mattress, you may want to look at this line. They offer unrivalled comfort and are handmade. The company uses ethically-sourced sustainable resources as well as organic and natural materials, including flax, wool, cotton, slow-grown Swedish pine and genuine hypoallergenic horsehair, to craft their beds.

One of their most popular beds is the 2000T. Balanced softness and a very pliable combination of spring systems define the Hastens 2000T, a continental bed with a soft and supportive personality. It features side stitching in double rows in an exclusive pattern enhances structure and stability, backed up internally with flax corners.

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