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When we purchase items for our homes, we usually don’t consider whether these items can affect our health and well- being. How would a choice of kitchen table or sofa or washing machine or carpet matter? Yet, with the rise of ‘conscious consumerism,’ we are learning that our purchases can affect our environment, other people…

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A growing number of people are concerned about our environment. They are aware of the negative health effects of dirty air, dirty water and compromised soil. Thus, more people are demanding food grown without pesticides or antibiotics, house paint containing the least amount of toxins, toys that are free of lead paint, clothes made from…

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Aging and Sleep

  AGING AND SLEEP You are aging and you may have noticed that some of your sleep patterns have changed over the years. You are going to bed and waking up earlier than in your younger years.  It takes you longer to fall asleep. Maybe you are more sensitive to noise. Maybe you are experiencing periods of insomnia. “Changes in…

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Why do we sleep? It’s a remarkable fact that human beings spend 36% of their lives asleep! This translates into a time period of 32 years if one lives to 90! Our culture tends to look at it as ‘wasted time’ yet nothing could be further from the truth. Our bodies and our minds require sleep in…

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Natural Latex Mattress is Healthier

Health Benefits of Natural Latex Mattresses More and more consumers are transferring to a Natural Latex Mattress and are moving away from traditional memory foam mattresses. There must be a good reason why the change is happening. Here are some of the benefits of using a natural latex mattress: Greener option – Some people are…

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Sleep Better on a Natural Mattress

Many of us take steps to be healthy by eating the right foods, exercising daily, and of course by getting enough sleep. But is your bed and mattress truly supporting your goal of optimum health? Can you fight off the aging process and improve your health just by sleeping? Find out if your bed is…

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