We spend one third of our life in our beds sleeping – and hopefully sleeping well! So purchasing a mattress is an investment in your health and overall well- being. It’s important to know just what you are buying.

At Natural Sleep Mattress & Organic Bedding, we believe it is important to shop for your mattress in person, not online. Visiting a showroom will allow you to not only look directly at the bedding choices, but to experience them. Talking with a sales representative, you have the opportunity to explore the specific qualities, pros and cons of every mattress there.

Before going out to shop for that new mattress, spend some time thinking through the process. The Better Sleep Council makes several recommendations including:

Determine your budget

Research your mattress options

Look for a retailer that offers the time and attention you may need. Ask family or friends for recommendations

Take your time in the store – allow yourself to spend time laying on the mattress selections in the positions in which you usually sleep

Additionally, getting the answers to several simple questions can start you off on a smart mattress purchase. In addition to asking the cost of the mattress you want to know:

  1. What is the material composition of the mattress?
  2. Is it treated with any chemicals?
  3. How do I care for the mattress?
  4. What is the manufacturers warranty and what is covered?
  5. What is the mattress made of and if there are any certifications what are they?

We are ready to assist you in making this important investment in your health. Our goal at Natural Sleep Mattress & Organic Bedding is helping each customer find his or her ideal bedding. There is no ‘hard sell’ or pressure, just friendly assistance and knowledgeable service. Please consider visiting us when you’re ready to purchase your next mattress.

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